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Terri Lee Ryan, marketing consultant and career coach, has penned a witty self-help book aimed at women over 40 regarding life's unending chaotic moments and how to deal with them. Ryan focuses on issues ranging from lust versus love to aging parents, children and pets. She writes about divorce, changes in friendships, dysfunctional families, career challenges, volunteering for charity work, along with dealing with housework, irritating people, computers, and much more.

Life Is One Big To-Do List addresses many important issues in a way readers will find humorous and relatable. Women over 40, as well as women and men of all ages, are sure to benefit from the authors candid, cleverly-written text. Ryan poignantly ends with: “My goal is to live each day as if it was my last and keep a stock of pens and paper handy for my to-do lists, knowing that when I quit writing them, my life is over. I would urge you to do the same.” Well said.

Reviewed by: Christy Tillery French

Publication Endorsements

“Terri Lee Ryan actually makes readers look forward to life after 40 in an amusing and insightful way. Readers will relate to the life experiences shared in this book and for those under 40, some advice to store for future use will be shared.”
Sherren Leigh, Founder, Today's Chicago Woman

“Terri Lee Ryan is the girlfriend who tells you all of her trade secrets in “Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman's Life After 40.” From the ups and downs of female friendship to the telltale signs of an unfaithful partner, she isn't afraid to share the life lessons she's picked up over the years. Her girl –to-girl advice is authentic and unguarded.”
Susanna Homan, Editor, Michigan Avenue magazine

The cellulite on your thighs is multiplying faster than the Octomom, and it is just one of the challenges facing women over 40. So says witty, wise author Terri Lee Ryan, who offers Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman's Life after 40. In this new book, Terri, who has been there and has done that, writes with candor, humor, and hope about divorces, aging parents, cheating husbands, nasty kids and how to survive it all. We all need a dose of Terri Lee Ryan.”
Ann Gerber, Columnist, Skyline Newspaper

“Chicago life coach and author Terri Lee Ryan is like that best friend who, over a cup of coffee or after a pitcher of margaritas, isn't afraid to tell you how things really are.”
Misha Davenport, Features Writer, Sun-Times newspaper

Author Endorsements

“If calm, cool and collected seem out of reach, Life Is One Big To-Do List is the surest way to restore your balance. The ultimate anti-ager, Terri, writes with wit and wisdom about the challenges and opportunities of middle age.” Bess Gallanis, author, “Yoga Chick: A Hip Guide to Everything OM”

“Don't forget to put this book on your to-do list. Terri's stories are honest, revealing, and thought provoking. She reached right into my heart.” Judy Marcus, author, “Where Are my Keys? Memory Training You'll absolutely Love.”

“Every too busy woman must read this book. You will laugh and wonder how Terri Ryan knows so much about your life. She shares life-lessons camouflaged as hysterical stories.” Ellen Rogin-Co-author, Great with Money: A Woman's Guide to Prosperity.

Media Appearances

  • Executive Producer of “I Married a Cross-dresser” for Sky TV
  • Featured in the Chicago Sun-Times
  • Featured in the Desert Woman magazine
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • Written articles for Frock magazine & Repartee magazine
  • Featured on the Transgender Insight blog
  • Guest on WLS-AM 890 radio on the “Women of Mass Discussion show (Chicago)
  • Guest on KSPI-AM on Valerie Katz Sunday show (Palm Springs)
  • Recurring Guest on The Dating Coach: Deanna Lorraine Show, Blogtalk radio (San Diego)
  • Guest on Joey English radio show (Palm Springs)
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